China’s Fruit Wine Market
BY Jocelyn SunJun 28, 2020
According to ECdataway, in 2018, the sales value of pre-mixed wine/fruit wine on Tmall and Taobao platforms increased by 154% compared with 2017. The products currently circulating in China’s fruit wine market lack differentiation. It is estimated that more than 90% of domestic fruit wine is produced by OEM. Due to a lack of brand recognition of domestic fruit wine, imported fruit wine is the first choice for Chinese consumers. Although the primary consumers of alcohol are still those born in the 60s and 70s, Gen Z consumers are the fastest-growing consumer group.

Fundamental Problem in China's Fruit Wine Market: No Well-known Brands

In 2016, there was a question on Zhihu*: Why is there no market leader in China's fruit wine sector? [1] Although it has been four years, the problem still haunts China's fruit wine industry. Consumers may immediately think of Maotai (茅台) and Wuliangye (五粮液) when talking about liquor and mention Qingdao (青岛) and Xuehua (雪花) when discussing beer. However, when it comes to fruit wine, it seems hard to think of a representative brand.

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Jocelyn Sun
ChemLinked Brand Strategist
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