How Has China’s Zero-COVID Policy Affected Global Travel Retail?
BY Jiaqi LuoDec 09, 2021
• China is the world’s last COVID-zero holdout. As such, consumers in the country are used to public health hypervigilance and have learned to expect a safety-first approach from brands. • Providing a digitally traceable, fully-controlled, and risk-free shopping environment will be the minimum needed to attract Chinese tourism in 2023. • Beyond safety, Chinese tourists will expect next-level retail experiences that go beyond Insta-worthy photographs.

As most of the world has slowly opened up after COVID-19’s unwelcome appearance, China’s zero-tolerance pandemic policy remains in place. A hard elimination approach that includes regional lockdowns, massive testing, and contact-tracing measures are as rigorous today as when the pandemic began in early 2020. For example, in Shanghai Disneyland last month, 33,863 visitors had to undergo mass testing because one visitor got infected the day before visiting.

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