Interview with Ashley (II): Trends That Will Shape China’s Online Retail Market in 2021H2
BY Shine HuAug 26, 2021
ChemLinked is very glad to have interview Ashley Galina Dudarenok, the founder of ChoZan & Alarice, to touch on the Chinese online consumption trends in 2021. Ashley is in the loop on what’s happening in Chinese retail market right now. In this episode, she talked about: Promising consumption categories and economies: health-related, duty-free, and night economy. Rising new consumer groups: the silver-haired generation, the lower-city youth, and mothers. Dominant sectors for imported brands in the online marketplace: mother and baby, and pet products. Get up to speed and find out all you need to know in the following content.
1. Which related industries or categories do you think will be driven by consumers’ continuous attention to health? 

First of all, the Chinese government is making great efforts to promote sports, with more stadiums and more emphasis on sports in schools. There is also increasing national pride or national fascination with sports like swimming, football, and table tennis, which is conducive to business spanning from sports equipment to related fitness services and products.

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Shine Hu
ChemLinked Research Analyst
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