Is Children Cosmetic A Good Business in China?
BY Ye ChenJun 29, 2021
Because of the new generation of parents’ high standards for children care products, the children cosmetic market expects a bright future in China. Although the government still holds a cautious attitude to this category, some domestic brands have already emerged, such as Baby Elephant. Some overseas brands also join the competition, such as Miss Nella, a famous British brand, which entered Tmall Global at the end of 2020.

Children cosmetics is becoming a rising category in the Chinese market recently. Several reasons contribute to its rapid growth. With a better financial condition and improved life standards, the new generation of Chinese parents tends to choose cosmetics specially designed for children for safety reasons though these products may be a bit more expensive than regular cosmetics. Besides, these young parents are more open-minded than the previous generation, so some of them allow their children to wear children makeup.

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Ye Chen
ChemLinked Research Analyst
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