Latest Trends in 2021 China Cosmetic Summit
BY Ye ChenSep 28, 2021
On September 16 and 17, 2021 China Cosmetic Summit was held in Shanghai, attracting various attendees from brands, channels, marketing companies, and other service providers in the beauty industry. Many shared first-hand information of the industry and updated their latest dynamics.


Short video platforms Kuaishou is actively expanding its e-commerce business. It has fully opened to all kinds of brands, from big international brands to emerging brands, as long as brands pass the platform’s factory inspection and meet the quality standards. In the meantime, Kuaishou has set a one-billion-yuan fund and prepared trillion traffic to support these brands’ development on Kuaishou.                                           



After the explosive growth in 2020, beauty live-streaming is cooling down at present. Among the top3 live-streaming platforms, Douyin dominated the market gradually while Taobao and Kuaishou showed a downward trend.

Douyin live-streaming e-commerce witnessed explosive growth last year, attracting a large number of brands. In 2021H1, Douyin users’ average daily watching time of Douyin live-streaming reached 106 minutes, which is about the length of a movie or two episodes of a TV series. Live-streaming is already like a TV station for these users, which can be a good opportunity for brands. Brands that continuously do live-streaming can boost sales and gain loyal followers to build their own private traffic pool.


Chinese fashion

Some companies that successfully used “Chinese Fashion 国潮” elements in their products also share their experience:

First, it is important to cooperate with proper platforms to launch campaigns based on brand image. Also, using Chinese fashion is not simply to bring back the old elements but to connect tradition to new elements and new techniques. In this way, products with Chinese fashion can show the personality of Chinese young generation, thereby gaining more traction. Lastly, it is important to add elements from people’s daily lives to build an emotional connection with consumers when designing Chinese fashion products.  



With the popularity of functional skincare products, consumers pay more attention to skincare products’ efficacies and ingredients than before.

Among top30 functional cosmetic ingredients, some have been popular for many years, such as hyaluronate, niacinamide, and vitamins. Still, there are some rising ingredients, such as Centella Asiatica, Difid yeast fermentation product filtrate, ectoine, licorice root extract, etc.

Different consumer groups have diverse demands. While female consumers focusing more on efficacies such as anti-aging, repair, and whitening, male consumers focus more on moisturizing and anti-aging. Students and young people demand more for products with efficacies such as anti-inflammatory and soothing.

In addition, it’s worth noting that facial essence and facial masks with multiple efficacies are becoming popular among consumers. Unlike toner and lotion usually have simple efficacies such as moisturizing, essence and masks are expected to have strong efficacies, such as anti-wrinkle, whitening, etc.


Ye Chen
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