Oct 08, 2023
China's Clean Beauty Market Insights and Trends Analysis

Against the backdrop of a growing emphasis on health, naturalness, and safety, clean beauty is capturing consumer attention. Data shows that China's clean beauty market exceeded 9.9 billion yuan in 2021, and it is expected to maintain steady growth, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% from 2021 to 2024. Both global and local beauty brands have recognized the significant influence of clean beauty and are taking action to establish a strong presence in this market. 

Nevertheless, it's important to note that overall consumer awareness of clean beauty remains limited in China, resulting in relatively low market penetration. Moreover, for most Chinese clean beauty consumers, ingredients and formulations take precedence, with environmental and animal-friendliness seen as supplementary considerations. Therefore, clean beauty brands entering the Chinese market must gain deep insights into consumer preferences.

This report will provide an overview of China's clean beauty market, share insights into Chinese clean beauty consumers, and highlight notable trends within this sector. ChemLinked aims to help readers gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese clean beauty market and seize opportunities for success in this sector.

Contents of the report

1. Background of China's Clean Beauty Market

  • Definition of Clean Beauty

  • Development History

  • Rising Popularity

2. China's Clean Beauty Market Overview

  • Market Overview

  • Product Categories

  • Clean Beauty Brands

  • Growth on Tmall

3. Insights into Chinese Clean Beauty Consumers

  • Consumer Awareness of Clean Beauty

  • Target Consumer Profile (target consumer preferences analysis)

4. China's Clean Beauty Market Trends

  • Natural Plant-based Ingredients Is Gaining More Popularity

  • Enhanced Formulations for the Benefit of Consumers and the Environment

  • Sustainable Packaging Gains Traction

  • Target Demographic with Considerable Growth Potential

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