Dec 07, 2022
Insight Into Chinese Perfume Market: Great Potential to Explore

As Chinese consumers are gradually educated about perfume and self-delighting concepts, a growing demand has emerged in the perfume market. According to iiMedia, the retail sales of the Chinese perfume market was 13.6 billion yuan in 2021 and was expected to reach 30 billion yuan in 2025 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.5%. The CAGR is almost three times that of the global perfume market in the next five years, implying the Chinese perfume market has great potential to become a driving force of the global perfume market development.

In this context, ChemLinked analyzes the market size, latest trends, competitive landscape and consumer preferences in the Chinese perfume market. We hope that this report will inspire readers to further explore the great potential in this booming industry.

Contents of the report

1. Chinese Perfume Market Overview

  • Perfume Retail Sales

  • Perfume Import Value

  • Perfume Distribution Channels

  • Trends in Perfume Products

2. Competitive Landscape

  • Market Concentration

  • Top 20 Perfume Brands on Online Channels

  • Analysis of Major Foreign and Chinese Players

  • Case Study of Typical Brands

3. Consumer Analysis

  • Consumer Profile

  • Habits of Using Perfume

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Selections from the report:





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