May 29, 2020
Yakult Targets China’s Lower-Tier Markets
Japanese probiotic dairy brand Yakult is going to expand its China business from both the production and sales end, by building a new factory in Wuxi and setting up new sales offices in three of China’s third-tier cities. The capacity expansion will support its sales in China, which has grown significantly since the brand launched in China in 2002. In China’s lower-tier cities, Yakult will face heated competition with Chinese local dairy brands.

Since entering China in 2002, Japanese probiotic dairy brand Yakult has given priority to the development of business in first-and-second-tier cities, occupying a 60% market share [1] of China’s low-temperature lactobacillus beverage market. Yakult is now expanding its sales network in the Chinese market, with a focus on lower-tier cities.

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Shine Hu
ChemLinked Research Analyst
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