Content marketing
Improve brand awareness through Chinese social media.
What´s the Purpose?
China has various social media platforms. Due to different functions and market positioning, users from each social media platform vary from others. For example, WeChat is more like a tool to build and maintain social relationships and networking; Little Red Book resembles an online community where users will share products experience voluntarily; some products can gain a good reputation and word-of-mouth spread as a result of this.
Doing content marketing on social media helps brands attract traffic, increase exposure, and raise consumer's awareness. However, there are many differences and hidden game rules among different platforms.
What services do we provide?
WeChat Official Account Set Up
Account Operation
Data Collection & Analysis
WeChat Moments Advertisement
Weibo Account Set Up
Followers Management
Marketing Post/Campaign
Little Red Book
Brand Account Application
Weekly/Monthly Post
KOL Notes Sharing
Followers Interaction
KOLs Marketing
Official Account Establish
Short Video Making
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