Store Setup & Operation
Start your business through online platforms.
What´s the Purpose?
There are many e-commerce platforms in China, such as Tmall, JD, Kaola, Little Red Book, etc. For each platform, the budget requirements, product categories, and brand positioning are very different. Selecting suitable platforms is vital for new entrants to start a business in China.
Finding a reliable business partner in an unfamiliar Chinese market is not easy. It is hard to investigate the capability, credibility, and other situations of your partners. Even though you can search for comments or introductions to select domestic companies to cooperate, you might be influenced by some false information.
After an online store is set up, the long-term store operation involves heavy workload. Usually, brand store management requires a professional team. From new product releases, answering consumers in-time inquires, to after-sales services. Due to language, cultural background, brand understanding, etc., cultivating a local Chinese operation team is absolutely crucial.
What services do we provide?
Open an Online Store
Platform Selection(Tmall Global, Red...)
Preparations (Translation, Notarization...)
Store Design & Decorations
Channel Matchmaking
Distributors Selection
Facilitate Cooperation
Negotiation Follow-Up
Operation & Management
Online Store Daily Operation
Brand Reputation Management
Post-sales Service
Promotion Design
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