Technology Solutions
Broaden brand exposure through multi-channels.
What´s the Purpose?
Technology optimization aims at increasing positive exposure and reducing negative feedback impact.
Most people in China use Baidu and WeChat, the former a frequently-used search engine, and the latter fills in people's daily interaction and social networking needs.
Doing SEO on Baidu can effectively improve exposure of the brands and product information.
More and more brands like KFC, Starbucks contribute to developing WeChat mini-programs, which increase the interactions between brands and consumers. Some overseas brands also rely on WeChat mini-program to realize cross-border e-commerce.
What services do we provide?
Baidu SEO
Baidu Baike Creation
Website Optimization
Keyword Audit
Baidu Paid Ads
Undercover SEO
WeChat Applet
Mini Program Development
Website Optimization
Page Design
Traffic Data Collection
Control Negative Comments
Avoid Malicious Business Competition
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