Key Marketing Strategies and Future Trends for China Market (2023-2024)
Moonie Zhu
Tuesday , 26th Sep 2023
Webinar Overview
Key Marketing Strategies and Future Trends for China Market (2023-2024)

As one of the world's largest internet markets, China's digital marketing has become a crucial method for brands to attract consumers through digital channels. With the increasing penetration of smartphones and the internet, coupled with the continuous development and iteration of social media platforms, short video applications, and e-commerce ecosystems, Chinese consumers, the younger generation of consumers, in particular, tends to be actively engaged on social media and deeply connects their social behaviors with brand interactions. This necessitates brands to pay closer attention to the evolution of social media channels and apply mature "content + new media matrix" marketing strategies to establish a strong connection with their target audience, thereby enhancing brand awareness and user engagement.

However, as China's internet growth gradually slows down, the online user base has reached a plateau, and the entire market has become a competition for a limited pool of customers. The rising advertising costs and intensified market competition lead to constantly increasing total costs of acquiring new customers. Additionally, in the post-pandemic era, the uncertain economic environment and decreasing consumer confidence have resulted in consumers becoming more cautious and rational in their consumption decisions. Both of these factors pose more uncertainties and severe challenges for brands in their digital marketing efforts in China.

In this webinar, Ms. Moonie Zhu, the founder of eTOC, will first share the latest marketing trends in China and offer in-depth insights into Chinese consumer demands and behaviors. She will provide some fresh ideas on how companies can agilely respond and innovate their marketing strategies in such a market environment to gain a competitive advantage in the Chinese market.

Moonie Zhu
CEO of eTOC GmbH
With over 15 years of experience in marketing, brand building, strategy development, and e-commerce, Moonie is a highly skilled expert in the fields of China e-commerce and digital marketing. She is not only a successful entrepreneur with numerous awards such as EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman, Global Bridge German Chinese Young Leader, etc., but also a renowned China expert and keynote speaker. In addition, she has a profound experience with numerous beauty brands, including Beiersdorf, Henkel, BABOR, Weleda and Dr. Wolff Group brands.

1. 2023-2024 China's digital marketing landscape, major trends and challenges

2. Chinese consumer insights and consumer behavior trends

  • Mainstream consumer profiles and key online behaviors

  • Insights into mainstream consumer journeys and purchase decisions

  • Major consumer trends

3. 2023-2024 digital marketing strategies

  • 3-5 best practices case studies based on consumer journeys

  • Advice for marketers

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