How Can We Help You Win in the Chinese Market?
End-to-end China Market Entry Lifecycle Management Service.
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Is selling your products to China a good investment?
Market Analysis
Economic data, import data, consumer portrayal, competitors, sales and distribution channels, geographic opportunities…
The best channel to enter: Normal Trade, Cross Border E-Commerce?
Channel Selection
Procedure, cost, risks, and requirements…
How to make your products go viral in China?
Consumer preference surveying
Behaviors, product effectiveness, package, price…
Brand Positioning
Brand names, logos, slogans, and stories…
Can your products be legally sold to China?
Compliance Check
Registration approval, product feasibility, ingredients allowed, label compliance, trademark risk…
How to boost sales of your product?
Marketing Strategy
Retail model: bricks & mortar, e-commerce, new retail
Brand building: traditional media advertising, social media, live streaming, video content
How to keep competitive in the market?
Intelligence Monitoring
New products, technology, competitors, consumers, retail sales
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