ChemLinked Market Intelligence Solutions
Our market intelligence solutions accelerate our clients' decision-making process and improve their business performance in the Chinese market. We help you grow and succeed with our brilliant insights and strategies.
Years of Experience
We’ve been dedicated to the consumer industry for over 10 years
Successful Cases
Run any product, customer, or brand research project with confidence
Happy Clients
From SMEs to multinational companies, we’ve been highly recognized by our customers
Professional Analysts
Technical expertise together with multiple sources to ensure highly professional support
Market Analysis
Are you getting ready to launch a new product? Unsure of the opportunity? Need a bit more information to make a decision?

We empower our clients with data-driven and actionable insights regarding the industry’s current and upcoming trends and the potential impact on offerings through market trends analysis.
  • Market size & demand Analysis
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Market segmentation characterization
  • Market entry feasibility & roadmap design
Consumer Research
You can’t make decisions sitting behind a desk all day. Even if you are talking to customers.

Find out what customers really think in the process of identifying consumers’ needs.
  • Online & offline surveys
  • Consumer segmentation analysis
  • Focus groups with specific consumers
  • Qualitative & quantitative research techniques
  • In-depth interviews with targeted consumers & industry professionals
Competitive Analysis
Who are your competitors? What does it really need to compete in this market?

By providing timely insights and customized solutions, our competitive intelligence solutions help our clients monitor the competitive landscape and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Price analysis
  • R&D technology analysis
  • Company profile analysis
  • Sales performance analysis
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
Brand Strategy
The importance of branding is indisputable - branding is the public image of your products and services, the critical determinant of consumer impressions and preferences for your products and services.

We help businesses make strategic decisions by providing analysis, solutions, and marketing expertise to set you up to win in the marketplace.
  • Brand campaign direction
  • Brand research and positioning
  • Consumer/Product demand analysis
  • Brand/product communication strategy consulting
Other Service
  • Trademark Registration
  • Foreign Company Registration
  • E-commerce strategy consulting
  • E-commerce Operation & Management
  • Wechat Mini-Program Development
We worked with ChemLinked with a consumer research project last year. The team worked professionally at all times, enabling clear presentation of the Chinese consumer portraits,identifying key trends and areas for growth. We recommend ChemLinked to you without hesitation.
Thank you for preparing this comprehensive research. ChemLinked team did a great job in creating a complete picture of the Chinese market and it will be very helpful for us.
I am planning to launch a product into the Chinese market but unsure of the right strategy. Thank you for the report, we found your output to be extraordinary. It is very helpful for us to understand the Chinese market.