Jerry Wang
ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
Jerry Wang is a food regulatory analyst and news editor working at Chemlinked. He keeps a close eye on the food regulation dynamics around Asia Pacific Regions and has deep understanding of food market access requirements of China. The fields he skilled in include the import of prepackaged food, food ingredient compliance and label review.
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Now Trending: Food & Beverage Brands Go Label Free in China
These days, Chinese consumers notice some popular beverages like Master Kong and PepsiCo have taken on a new look, adopting only simple and transparent PET bottles and no more colorful and fancy labels on them. As the pursuit of sustainability and carbon neutrality becoming one of the main themes in China's F&B industry, from the early efforts on abandoning plastic bag to using paper straws, then to today's label free bandwagon, the industry has been actively groping the next move towards greener packaging.
Jul 04, 2022
Food and beverage Nutricosmetics
Gummy Supplement Trends in China as Young Generation and Favorable Regulatory Landscape Emerge
Challenged by the prevailing sugar reduction wave, China's confectionery market struggles to revive stagnant volume. Notwithstanding, the gummy sector in China drives off in a different direction. Playing the dual role, functional gummy is seen as a snack with a “health halo” and has managed to buck the headwinds. Functional gummy, whose form is not powder or pill, smashes consumers' stereotype towards health supplements by distinguishing itself from drugs. On the other hand, designed as a snack, functional gummy is a better solution to the demands of supplementing nutrients in daily life regardless of scenarios.
Mar 16, 2022
Food and beverage Plant-based Sustainable packaging
Carbon Neutrality in China: What Can Food Industry Do?
As the biggest developing country and also the biggest carbon emitter, China has taken a landmark step towards the right direction, pledging to hit the peak of carbon emissions by 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2060. Food industry is not only a significant pillar of China's national economy, but an industry with high energy consumption and high emission. Against this background, what can food industry do to be carbon neutral?
Oct 21, 2021