May 14, 2021
A Survey Report on Chinese Consumers’ Purchase Preference on Foreign and Local Brands

In recent years, Chinese local brands have been on the rise in terms of brand influence and recognition. While foreign brands continue to lead in a number of product categories, domestic brands are making a name for themselves, highlighting the intense competition for consumers’ mind share.

Many foreign stakeholders are worried about whether the Chinese government would give more support to the local brands and whether Chinese consumers would tend to choose more domestic brands in the future.

ChemLinked organized a consumer survey and analyzed foreign and domestic brands’ purchase preferences across a number of product categories, covering health food, pet food, infant formula, dairy, baby food, and cosmetics. We write this report to help foreign brands gain an insight into the evolving competitive scenario in China and search for new strategies for continuous growth.

The main content of this report includes:

1. Preface

2. About the survey

3. Category analysis

4. Conclusions and implications

Selections from the report

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Shine Hu
ChemLinked Research Analyst
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