China’s Beverage Market: Stats and Trends to Watch
Angelita Hu
Thursday , 22nd Sep 2022
Webinar Overview
China’s Beverage Market: Stats and Trends to Watch

China’s beverage market has maintained steady growth in recent years. In 2021, the retail sales of Chinese beverages reached 280.8 billion yuan with an increase of 20.4% year on year. The growth has been stimulated by the ongoing consumption upgrade as well as the emergence of new brands such as Genki Forest, Hope Water, etc., and new beverage categories such as sugar-free beverages, and plant-based products. 

During the webinar, Angelita Hu will give an overview of China’s beverage market from the perspectives of market retail sales, import data, segment performance, consumer analysis, etc., detail the market trends in the industry, and introduce the mandatory market access regulations, helping beverage brands better tap into the market or capture market share.

Angelita Hu
ChemLinked Content Manager
Angelita Hu is the content manager and regulatory analyst at ChemLinked. She focuses on researching cosmetic and food regulations in China, the rest of the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the Americas, promoting and implementing regulatory content innovation and finding global partners to co-build a content ecosystem.

1 Market Overview

  • Definition and classification

  • Market retail sales

  • Import data

  • Distribution channels

  • Segments performance and top brands

  • Popular products

2 Consumer Analysis

  • Consumer groups

  • Category preference

  • Purchasing factors

3 Trends and Opportunities

  • Segments

  • Products

  • Branding/marketing

4  Market Access Regulation

* The final outline may be subject to subtle changes.

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