Chinese Innovation in Packaging Designs for the New Consumption Era
Ye Chen
Wednesday , 18th Nov 2020
Webinar Overview
Chinese Innovation in Packaging Designs for the New Consumption Era

The same quality peanuts are packed in an ordinary plastic bag and a delicate bag with a small tool for opening it. Under the premise of the same price/performance ratio, 99% of consumers will choose the latter. Why? They have better looking packaging.

We have entered a new era of consumption when new and start-up brands are scrambling to satisfy consumers. As early as 1971 however, Herbert A. Simon, a Nobel Prize-winning social scientist, summed up this view: "A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.", so it is not easy for brands to stand out amongst the ocean of competitive products.  

So, brands have to do everything to grab the attention of consumers and innovative packaging design is definitely one factor that can help brands catch consumers’ eyes.

In this webinar, ChemLinked will showcase you successful innovative packaging design cases in China. We believe that it will give you a better understanding of what kind of packaging Chinese consumers like.

Ye Chen
ChemLinked Research Analyst
Ye Chen graduated from University College London with a master's degree and now works as a research analyst with ChemLinked Market Team. She mainly tracks the latest market changes about imported consumer goods in China and the rest of the Asia Pacific area and has published many market analysis articles on the website & provided customized consulting services for clients. Her research and opinions are often quoted by other overseas and domestic media. Areas of expertise: cosmetics, food, DTC brands, clean beauty, health food, dairy, marketing strategies, fashionable trends, perfume, luxury products.

l  Why is product packaging important?

l  What are the innovative packaging trends?

-          New Concepts (Case study)

-          New Designs (Case study)

l  Conclusion