COVID-19 on Frozen Food Packaging in China: Any Impact for Overseas Manufacturers?
Shine Hu, Yilia Ye
Thursday , 10th Dec 2020
Webinar Overview
COVID-19 on Frozen Food Packaging in China: Any Impact for Overseas Manufacturers?

Since June, many Chinese cities have found coronavirus on imported frozen food packaging, including frozen South American shrimps, frozen chicken wings, frozen pork, etc.

China has taken measures to realize full-chain, closed-loop, traceable management of imported cold-chain foods to minimize importation risks of COVID-19. Besides, more and more consumers reduce the purchase frequencies for imported frozen food, and rarely even set foot in the frozen area of the supermarket.

Does it mean it would be more difficult for imported frozen food to enter the Chinese market? Are Chinese consumers still willing to buy imported frozen food? ChemLinked regulatory analyst Yilia Ye and market research analyst Shine Hu will share their insights to help foreign enterprises stay tuned on the Chinese market dynamics.

Shine Hu
ChemLinked Research Analyst
Shine Hu graduated with two masters of English translating and interpreting from Macquarie University and Wuhan University. She previously worked at Xinhuanet, the official portal of Xinhua News Agency and reported China economy and business updates and now work for ChemLinked Market Team. She mainly focuses on market updates of imported consumer products in China and has published a quite number of market analysis articles on the website & involved in several customized research projects. Areas of expertise: dairy, infant formula, cosmetics, health food, maternal and infant nutrition.
Yilia Ye
ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
Yilia is head editor of Chemlinked food portal and also an experienced food regulation analyst at REACH24h Consulting Group. Her broad experience in the food sector in China has afforded her unique insight on key areas including CBEC, dairy products, infant formula and health food. She is recognized as a knowledgeable expert in food regulation sector and has delivered speeches in multiple industry conferences such as Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2018.

Part 1 Event review: COVID-19 detected positive on frozen food package in multiple Chinese cities

Part 2 Current supervision measures of imported frozen food

Part 3 Consumer attitudes towards imported frozen food

Part 4 How can overseas manufacturers cope with this challenge?

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