Get to Grips with Infant Formula Branding and Marketing in China
Shine Hu
Friday , 21st May 2021
Webinar Overview
Get to Grips with Infant Formula Branding and Marketing in China

Since 2020, multinational infant formula giants have been facing compounding problems in the Chinese market, including falling birth rate, obstructed international logistics, the Daigou exodus, and intensified competition from local counterparts.

However, they still regard Chinese market as a growth engine and have deployed multi-pronged strategies to win out. Branding and marketing cannot be ignored for any brands who aim to enhance fame and popularity in China. Localized marketing can help brands integrate into the local market as soon as possible and get twice the result with half the effort.

ChemLinked Market Research Analyst Shine Hu will share her insights into feasible branding and marketing approaches for infant formula brands in China and help foreign brands find more opportunities in the Chinese infant formula market.

Shine Hu
ChemLinked Research Analyst
Shine Hu graduated with two masters of English translating and interpreting from Macquarie University and Wuhan University. She previously worked at Xinhuanet, the official portal of Xinhua News Agency and reported China economy and business updates and now work for ChemLinked Market Team. She mainly focuses on market updates of imported consumer products in China and has published a quite number of market analysis articles on the website & involved in several customized research projects. Areas of expertise: dairy, infant formula, cosmetics, health food, maternal and infant nutrition.

Part 1 Why branding and marketing matter?

Part 2 Methods of doing infant formula branding and marketing in China

Part 3 Case studies

Part 4 Implications and suggestions for brands

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