How to Leverage WeChat to Accelerate B2B Business Growth in China?
Thijs van der Toom
Wednesday , 24th May 2023
Webinar Overview
How to Leverage WeChat to Accelerate B2B Business Growth in China?

WeChat is a well-known app in China, but not many know how powerful this app can be in finding new leads and boost the sales of products and services in China.

In 45 minutes Thijs van der Toom, Managing Director of NextportChina, will share all the ins and outs about the WeChat platform that are important for B2B companies. He will provide in-depth insights on what is needed to successfully build and promote branding in China on WeChat and with lively cases, will show how WeChat can help finding new customers and partners. In addition, Thijs will show how to leverage powerful external tools for customer service operation and customer relationship management to maximise the success on WeChat.

At the end of this webinar you will either know what it takes to successfully develop your own online presence on WeChat or learn new things to bring your existing WeChat Official Account to the next level!

Thijs van der Toom
Managing Director at NextportChina
In 2013 Thijs co-founded NextportChina, a digital full-service agency focused on the Chinese market. Back then the company was the first of its kind in the Benelux. Now 10 years later NextportChina has grown into the go-to agency for companies that want to reach their Chinese target group. So far Thijs and his passionate team of Chinese and Dutch professionals have served over 250 European brands with building their online presence in China on platforms like WeChat, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin.

1. WeChat: introduction & background

2. The WeChat ecosystem

3. Set-up your brand's own WeChat Official Account

  • Including how to streamline communication with your local Chinese team

4. WeChat as a branding & promotion tool

  • WeChat Advertising

  • Livestreams & Webinars

  • H5 campaigns and training tools

5. WeChat as a sales tool

  • Customers service via WeCom

  • WeChat Mini Programs

6. WeChat and sCRM tools: how user data can further boost your growth

7. Q&A

8. Bonus: Make the most out of your WeChat Personal Account

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