Understand Young Chinese Consumers: How to Align with the Guochao Trend?
Antoine S. Bunel, MIRO LI, Shine Hu, Yaling Jiang
Tuesday , 20th Jul 2021
Webinar Overview
Understand Young Chinese Consumers: How to Align with the Guochao Trend?

The rise of Guochao (国潮, national tide) trend has become one of the vital factors shaping Chinese consumer market today.

Guochao is not only about Chinese culture-inspired design elements, but more of a lifestyle trend that links with the spiritual life of the young Chinese consumers.

By understanding the Guochao trend, foreign brands can better understand the young Chinese consumers. How to adopt the trend and avoid misconception is a key to win Gen Zers’ heart.

Antoine S. Bunel
Food influencer China KOL
Founder of Double V Consulting & CHINAble Academy
Shine Hu
ChemLinked Research Analyst
Shine Hu graduated with two masters of English translating and interpreting from Macquarie University and Wuhan University. She previously worked at Xinhuanet, the official portal of Xinhua News Agency and reported China economy and business updates and now work for ChemLinked Market Team. She mainly focuses on market updates of imported consumer products in China and has published a quite number of market analysis articles on the website & involved in several customized research projects. Areas of expertise: dairy, infant formula, cosmetics, health food, maternal and infant nutrition.
Yaling Jiang
Business reporter

Part 1 Understand Young Chinese Consumers - What is Guochao & Why is it becoming a trend? (background, elements) 

Discussion: What is Guochao in your mind? Do you have any personal and impressive experience about the Guochao?


Part 2 How Can Foreign Brands Leverage Guochao? (marketing strategies, case studies)

Discussion: What makes a brand “Guochao”? Are there any brands setting good example in leveraging the Guochao trend to do marketing? What elements can foreign brands use to engage in the Guochao trend?

Part 3 Implications and Suggestions (The do's and don'ts)

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