Jun 30, 2023
China's 618 E-commerce Shopping Festival Report 2023


This year's 618 shopping festival witnessed fierce competition among e-commerce platforms. Both brands and platforms aimed to generate momentum in the first major shopping festival following the easing of the pandemic and recovery of consumer spending. Major e-commerce platforms streamlined their promotion rules and offered increased subsidies in an effort to entice consumers with competitive prices.

According to sales data released by third-party data agencies, comprehensive e-commerce platforms continued to dominate the e-commerce market, demonstrating consistent growth in GMV. Livestreaming e-commerce platforms experienced a slight deceleration in their growth rate, transitioning from doubling to over 20%, but they still maintained their position as the fastest-growing platform type.

To gain insight into this year's 618 Shopping Festival, let's take a look at this report which covers:

Part 1 Sales Data 

  • Marketing Calendar

  • Total GMV

  • Performance of Comprehensive E-commerce Platforms

  • Performance of Livestreaming E-commerce Platforms

Part 2 Douyin Analysis 

  • Douyin 618 Shopping Festival Overview

  • Category Performance

Part 3 Consumption Trends

  • Enhanced Health Awareness

  • Efficacy-driven Beauty Consumption

  • Strong Momentum of Livestreaming E-commerce 

  • Priority of Demand over Discounts

  • Rise of Chinese Brands

  • Diversified Offline Campaigns

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China's 618 Shopping Festival Report 2023
This report will provide you with comprehensive information of China's 618 shopping festival, which includes sales data, platform performance, category performance, consumption trends, etc.
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