E-commerce Platforms’ Policies on 618 Shopping Festival
BY Ye ChenMay 25, 2021
618 shopping festival, one of the top2 shopping festivals in China, is coming next month. Most mainstream e-commerce platforms have launched their 618 plans. What makes this year unique is that Douyin and Kuaishou, the top2 short video platforms, also join the game. The atmosphere is tensing gradually.

As 618 shopping festival is around the corner recently, mainstream e-commerce platforms start to unveil their 618 plans and warm-up for the festival. This year’s festival will welcome Douyin and Kuaishou, top2 short video platforms in China. Based on the detailed activity plans they have launched, these two new e-commerce entrants make great efforts to challenge the dominant positions of old e-commerce giants, Tmall,, and Pinduoduo.


  • Activity




Warm-up &   pre-sale

May 24 20:00 –   May 31 22:00 

First round 

June 1 00:00 –   June 3 24:00

Tmall 6.1 Good   Start (天猫6.1开门红)

Second round

June 4 00:00 –   June 13 24:00

Tmall Category   Carnival (天猫品类日狂欢)

Third round

June 13 00:00   –June 20 24:00

Tmall 618   Carnival (天猫618狂欢日)

  • Marketing activities

-            Every order equal to or greater than 200 yuan can get a 30-yuan reduction. No cap for the discounts.

-            Tmall will launch multiple Tmall Lists during the festival, including sales lists, repurchase lists, and good comments lists, which collect a diversity of goods with distinctive peculiarities.

  • Delivery

-            Tmall

Stores have to start shipping within 48 hours after the order is placed (24 hours in normal times)

-            Tmall Global

Goods in bonded warehouse should start to be delivered within 72 hours after the order is placed.

Goods shipped from overseas should start to be delivered within 120 hours after the order is placed

  • Activity




Warm-up &   pre-sale

April 21 – May   31


June 1 – June 15

Super brand


June 16 – June   18

Chinese fashion,   live-streaming


June 19 – June   20

  • Support for business entities

-          Quick reviewing process: business entities can quickly open a JD store in 30 seconds and the platform will complete the review in 48 hours;

-            Financial support: will provide financing loans to all third-party merchants on JD platform during the festival. The maximum credit line is 5 million yuan, with a loan period up to 12 months. Moreover, the first loan interest rate can be 50% off;

-            Traffic support: will distinguish the middle and small business entities from big brands to improve the possibility for small and medium businesses to obtain traffic.


  • Activity




Warm-up &   pre-sale

May 25 – May 31

618 festival

June 1 – June 18

Live-streaming/   short video competition

  • Support for business entities

-            Douyin e-commerce has launched a Platform Technical Service Fee Discount Plan. On June 6 and June 18, if products’ prices are lower than or equal to the lowest price within 30 days, business entities can get discounts on platform technical service fees. For them, the technical service fee rate will be reduced to 1%.

-            Douyin has also optimized services for business entities and consumers, including customer service, logistics, freight insurance, and fast refunds.


  • Activity

May 20 – June 20

  • Content

-            On June 16, Kuaishou will cooperate with two popular TV channels to launch its first e-commerce gala, Kuaishou 616 True Heart Night.

-            On June 1, Kuaishou will release its “Store Trust Card” to consumers to guarantee their consumption rights, including seven days refund without reason, compensating ten for one fake, delivery fee discount, etc.

  • Support for business entities

-            Kuaishou will cooperate with popular TV channels and multimedia to help business entities gain more new consumers.

-            Kuaishou will Kuaishou e-commerce live-streaming plan to improve business entities’ exposure.

-            Kuaishou will take advantage of interactive activities, such as battle between live streamers, to drive more traffic to business entities’ stores.

-            Kuaishou will use different kinds of coupons to propel consumers to place orders.


During the 618 shopping festival, will open its official store on Douyin. Consumers can buy JD products directly and enjoy JD’s services, including logistics and customer services, on Douyin without jumping to JD app. JD’s douyin store is expected to achieve 20 billion yuan GMV in 2021. Also, this store will focus on store self-run live-streaming. This is because both Douyin and JD think it is difficult to nurture another top live-streamer like Viya and Austin Li, thus, store/ brand self-run live-streaming can be the biggest opportunity for all stores this year.

Pinduoduo hasn’t launched its 618 plan yet.

ChemLinked will launch a 618 report containing data and analysis after this festival. Stay tuned!

Ye Chen
ChemLinked Research Analyst
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