2021 Chinese Cosmetic Market New Trends
Ye Chen
Wednesday , 16th Jun 2021
Webinar Overview
2021 Chinese Cosmetic Market New Trends

The Chinese cosmetic market witnessed a lot of changes in 2020, and new trends are emerging in 2021. It is vital for beauty brands to have a full-picture understanding of this market and follow the latest trends if they want to stand out in the market.

This webinar will review the Chinese beauty industry’s market performance in 2020 and analyze the latest trends in 2021, helping brands win in the next half-year of 2021.

Ye Chen
ChemLinked Research Analyst
Ye Chen graduated from University College London with a master's degree and now works as a research analyst with ChemLinked Market Team. She mainly tracks the latest market changes about imported consumer goods in China and the rest of the Asia Pacific area and has published many market analysis articles on the website & provided customized consulting services for clients. Her research and opinions are often quoted by other overseas and domestic media. Areas of expertise: cosmetics, food, DTC brands, clean beauty, health food, dairy, marketing strategies, fashionable trends, perfume, luxury products.

Part 1 2020 Review

Part 2 2021 New Trends

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Part 3 Highlights

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