A Full Picture of Chinese Functional Food/Health Food Market
Ye Chen
Tuesday , 12th Apr 2022
Webinar Overview
A Full Picture of Chinese Functional Food/Health Food Market

In 2022, the Chinese functional food market will exceed 600 billion yuan. Chinese consumers’ health awareness improved significantly during the pandemic, contributing to higher health spending and more attention to functional food. In the meantime, more brands have emerged in this market. Many companies from other sub-sectors, such as pharmaceutical companies and milk powder companies, have also begun to cross the border to enter the functional food sector. Together, they develop and launch many innovative new products, such as protein cookies, hyaluronic acid gummy bears, etc. These changes boost the whole market unprecedentedly.

Though the Chinese functional food market has a positive future, it remains chaotic and complicated. What are the differences between functional food and health food? How is the competition in the market? Are there any dominant brands? What kinds of products do consumers prefer? Do imported products have competitive advantages over domestic products?

The webinar aims to answer the above questions for brands. The speaker will give a full picture of the Chinese functional food/ health food market, covering market overview, consumer analysis, product development, etc. ChemLinked hopes that every participant will better understand this market after listening to this webinar.

Ye Chen
ChemLinked Research Analyst
Ye Chen graduated from University College London with a master's degree and now works as a research analyst with ChemLinked Market Team. She mainly tracks the latest market changes about imported consumer goods in China and the rest of the Asia Pacific area and has published many market analysis articles on the website & provided customized consulting services for clients. Her research and opinions are often quoted by other overseas and domestic media. Areas of expertise: cosmetics, food, DTC brands, clean beauty, health food, dairy, marketing strategies, fashionable trends, perfume, luxury products.

Part 1 Market Overview

Part 2 Consumer Analysis

Part 3 Noteworthy Categories

Part 4 Latest Trends

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