Health Functional Food in China: Seizing Business Opportunities for Market Success
Rita Bao
Thursday , 12th Oct 2023
Webinar Overview
Health Functional Food in China: Seizing Business Opportunities for Market Success

China's health functional food market is undergoing steady expansion, driven by the escalating aging population and growing awareness of maintaining a healthier lifestyle across all age groups. Additionally, the market exhibits relatively low concentration, creating an encouraging landscape for new entrants to establish their presence and for existing players to fortify their positions. As the market continues to evolve, it brings to the forefront a series of significant trends that deserve careful consideration.

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of China's health functional food market and also share insights into the shifting consumer preference. We aim to help companies better seize opportunities and excel in this thriving market.


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Rita Bao
ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
Rita Bao is an analyst in the ChemLinked food team. She tracks the most recent food regulatory developments and market trends in China. She is dedicated to offering insightful perspectives on navigating the regulatory landscape for efficient market access.

1. Market overview

2. Product categories 

3. Sales channels

4. Leading players

5. Consumer analysis

6. REACH24H's firsthand experience in facilitating overseas health functional food brands to succeed in China


*The outline may be subjected to subtle changes.

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