Chinese F&B Market: Opportunities for Italian Companies
Vincenza Caputo
Wednesday , 8th Sep 2021
Webinar Overview
Chinese F&B Market: Opportunities for Italian Companies

As the world’s largest food importer and consumer, China’s demand for imported F&B products shows no sign of abating despite the global pandemic implication.

In contrast, the continuous growth of the per capita income of Chinese people has allowed them to invest more in imported food products, generally associated with a higher quality and food safety compared to domestic products.

According to UN Statistics data, in 2020, China’s food imports reached US$113.9 billion, showing a year-on-year growth of 19%. From 2016 to 2020, the value of China’s imported food has increased by a CAGR of 13.5%.

The increasing demand for imported F&B products has brought new opportunities for Italian exporters. Italian food has been popular among Chinese consumers. Italian style of pasta, pizza, ham, olive oil, coffee and various condiments have become the typical representatives of delicacy in Chinese consumers’ hearts.

As one of the important food import sources for China, Italian food is expected to gain a larger market share in China due to its diversification and high quality.

In this webinar, Vincenza Caputo, China’s F&B market expert, specialized in market entry strategies and import procedures for Italian F&B products, will share her insights into the latest opportunities in the Chinese food and beverage market.

Vincenza Caputo
China’s F&B market expert
Vincenza Caputo is a China’s F&B market expert, specialized in market entry strategies and import procedures for Italian F&B products. Following her degree in International Relations from the University of Naples “L’Orientale” and two years of studies in China, Vincenza specialized in International Business, gaining a professional master’s degree in Export Management from the Italian Trade Agency. Living and working in Hangzhou since 2018, she has continuously shared her experience and professional knowledge, becoming a LinkedIn influencer in China’s F&B sector.

Part 1 Webinar background

Part 2 Presentation by Vincenza Caputo

  1. Analysis of China's F&B Market

  2. China's Rising Middle Class (main consumers of Italian F&B)

    a. Data on Households' Income and Consumption Expenditure in the First Half Year of 2021

    b. Who are Chinese Middle Class?

  3. F&B Market Trends Driven by the Chinese Middle Class

    a. International Lifestyle and Eating Habits: Wine, Coffee, Dairy, and Cheese

    b. Health Food: Olive oil, Organic products

  4. Challenges

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