Trends & Insights into Infant Milk Powder Sector in China
Chris Wang, Jan Carey, Michael Norris, Yilia Ye
Monday , 20th Jul 2020
Webinar Overview
Trends & Insights into Infant Milk Powder Sector in China

The market scale, potential, and value of China’s infant milk powder (IMP) sector makes it an extremely enticing prospect for both domestic interests and foreign investors. Seismic forces have shaped the sector in the form of quality and safety scandals, which profoundly impacted market dynamics. In response, China's government has erected substantial regulatory barriers and technical barriers to trade, which are among the most pressing issues for stakeholders. These issues are compounded by increasingly fierce market competition, declining birth rates, and higher breastfeeding rates.

Evolving consumer demand in China is pushing product development towards greater category differentiation, accelerated product innovation, product segmentation, and product premiumization. The market share of domestic infant formula surged to half in 2019, led by Chinese innovators Firmus, Junlebao, and Ausnutria.

China is set to release new IMP regulations and standards in H2 2020, which will transiently disrupt the market until industry alignment is realized. Further questions remain as to whether China will implement restrictions on the trade of IMP through cross-border e-commerce. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on global supply chains and the potential for second waves in China casts a shadow of uncertainty about prospects.

In this webinar, we will bring together leading experts to address these and many other issues and to offer predictions on how China’s IMP sector will develop in the future.

Chris Wang
Ms. Chris Wang mainly focuses on China’s consumer products. With over 7 years in the industry, She has a broad knowledge of Chinese food and cosmetic regulatory and market insights as well as extensive experience in helping international companies to wisely develop their own market entry strategies to China. 
Jan Carey
CEO of the Infant Nutrition Council
Jan Carey is the CEO of the Infant Nutrition Council (INC), an organisation that represents the infant formula and toddler milk drink industry in Australia and New Zealand. She has been INC’s CEO since it was founded in 2009 and was instrumental in its creation and the development of its strategic plan. Jan has developed INC into a strategic organisation giving it a regional identity and a focus on the broad sweep of issues and key priorities for the infant formula industry today. She has expanded the footprint and reputation of INC to foster trust and build the credibility of its members in the New Zealand, Australian and export markets.
Michael Norris
Research & Strategy Manager at Agency China
Michael leads primary research and consulting services to nutrition, petcare, skincare and luxury brands from China, Europe, North America and Australasia. He is very much on “the front line”. He and his team spends one-third of their time undertaking fieldwork across China’s varied geography and city tiers. He was recognized as the only foreign national in 2019 LinkedIn China Spotlight.
Yilia Ye
ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
Yilia is head editor of Chemlinked food portal and also an experienced food regulation analyst at REACH24h Consulting Group. Her broad experience in the food sector in China has afforded her unique insight on key areas including CBEC, dairy products, infant formula and health food. She is recognized as a knowledgeable expert in food regulation sector and has delivered speeches in multiple industry conferences such as Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2018.
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