K-Beauty Market & Trends Moving into 2024
Lauren Lee, Lorraine Li
Thursday , 16th Nov 2023
K-Beauty Market & Trends Moving into 2024

South Korea's cosmetic became popular with its pure ingredients and simple formula, meeting the needs of people who pursuing simple and eco products.

What ingredients are of the most attention? What products are the most sought? Let's discover the secrets behind the Korean beauty at our exclusive webinar! ChemLinked invited Ms Lauren Lee, an expert with over ten years' experience in K-beauty, to share her insights into the latest trends that have taken the beauty industry by storm. Ms Lorraine Li, ChemLinked senior analyst,  will give a comprehensive introduction to the regulatory compliances of Korean cosmetics.


  • The presentation slides and recording video will be uploaded to this webpage after the webinar;

  • If you can't attend the live webinar, register anyway and we will send you the webinar materials as soon as they're available.

Lauren Lee
Founder and General Manager at STYLE STORY
Lauren is the Founder of global Korean Beauty platform STYLE STORY, and is widely recognised as the leader behind the Korean skincare trend in Australia. An international lawyer with 12 years’ experience in the legal services sectors in Asia and Australia, she leverages her legal experience to assist retailers and manufacturers export and sell cosmetics in Australia. Having run a successful eCommerce website since 2014, Lauren is well-versed in online marketing strategies, SEO, content creation and more. Lauren consults with government and private sector organisations to provide guidance on compliance with the TGA and NICNAS schemes when exporting to Australia, regulations around cosmetic labeling, ingredients lists, import applications and the export process.
Lorraine Li
ChemLinked Senior Regulatory Analyst
Lorraine T.S. Li is a specialist in the research and analysis of the regulatory compliance of Korean Food, Cosmetics, and Chemical industry. She mainly provides expert articles on Korean chemical, food, cosmetics, and environment policies to help clients transcend the regulatory barriers. Follow me for more Korea compliances info. Contact me at: litianshuang@chemlinked.com

Market Trends

  • Sustainability 

  • Vegan 

  • Sun care 

Trending Ingredients:

  • Mugwort 

  • Heartleaf 

  • Yuja 

  • Red ginseng

  • Tea tree

  • Centella asiatica 

Trending brands & products 

  • Abib - Heartleaf spa pad 

  • Anua - Heartleaf pad & toner 

  • Manyo Factory - Cleansing 

  • Sulwhasoo - First Care Activating Serum 

  • d'Alba - Mist Serum 

  • Dr Jart - Cicapair Repair Cream 

  • Amuse - Jelly Cushion BB Cream 

  • Romand - Juicy Lasting Tint 

  • Jelly Ko - Bubble Tea Steam Cream 

Korean Cosmetic Product Regulation

  • Supervision 

  • Ingredient requirements