Unlock the Chinese Beauty Market - How Can International Beauty Brands Succeed in China?
Moonie Zhu
Thursday , 27th Apr 2023
Webinar Overview
Unlock the Chinese Beauty Market - How Can International Beauty Brands Succeed in China?

The Chinese beauty market is a vibrant and rapidly growing, with a massive consumer base that is both savvy and discerning. From traditional herbal remedies to cutting-edge technology, there is something for everyone in this dynamic and exciting marketplace. 

During the webinar, Moonie Zhu, CEO of eTOC GmbH, will provide a comprehensive overview of the beauty industry in China, including the latest trends, key players, and market size. In addition, she will explore the Chinese beauty consumer, their preferences and behaviors, and the success factors of international beauty brands in China. This webinar presents an excellent chance for both established brands and newcomers to gain valuable insights into how to succeed in the rapidly growing Chinese beauty market, while arming themselves with the essential tools and expertise to excel in this exciting and dynamic industry.

Moonie Zhu
CEO of eTOC GmbH
With over 15 years of experience in marketing, brand building, strategy development, and e-commerce, Moonie is a highly skilled expert in the fields of China e-commerce and digital marketing. She is not only a successful entrepreneur with numerous awards such as EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman, Global Bridge German Chinese Young Leader, etc., but also a renowned China expert and keynote speaker. In addition, she has a profound experience with numerous beauty brands, including Beiersdorf, Henkel, BABOR, Weleda and Dr. Wolff Group brands.

1. Overview: The Chinese beauty market

  • Market size

  • Market share of beauty category

  • Digital landscape

2. Trend Watch: The current trends in the Chinese beauty market

  • Key rising beauty categories

  • Skincare subcategories deepdive

  • Makeup subcategories deepdive

  • Hair care subcategories deepdive

  • Perfume subcategories deepdive

  • Online channels

3. Target Group: How does the Chinese beauty consumer behave?

  • Who are Chinese beauty consumers?

  • Chinese consumers beauty ideal

4. Success Factors: What makes European beauty brands successful in the Chinese market?

5. Q&A

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