How to Succeed in China with KOL Marketing?
Kim Leitzes
Tuesday , 27th Sep 2022
How to Succeed in China with KOL Marketing?

Online influencers, or key opinion leaders (KOLs), are huge in China, particularly in today’s changing online landscape. Traditional e-commerce platforms like Taobao and JD are becoming increasingly social, social platforms like WeChat and Weibo are more focused on e-commerce, and rising social platforms like RED, Douyin and Bilibili have successfully sped up their pace in advertising and e-commerce. Driven by the wave of social media, KOLs have become ever more noticeable. They become an essential means of brand promotion, a bridge between brands and consumers.

In this webinar, Kim Leitzes, Managing Director of Asia Pacific at Launchmetrics, a pioneer in the Chinese Influencer Marketing (KOL) industry, will share her insights into China’s KOL marketing and some takeaways on how brands can leverage KOL marketing.

Kim Leitzes
Managing Director of Asia Pacific at Launchmetrics
Kim Leitzes is a pioneer in the Chinese Influencer Marketing (KOL) industry. In 2011, she founded PARKLU, the leading Chinese KOL analytics platform (based in Shanghai) that was acquired by Launchmetrics in 2020. Prior to founding PARKLU, Kim was an investment banker, strategy executive and consumer & retail analyst in New York. Kim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Part 1  Overview of China Social Landscape

Part 2  Trends in China KOL Marketing

Part 3  Unlocking KOL Analytics: 

            Identifying Winning Strategies with Media Impact ValueTM

Part 4  Key Takeaways on How Brands Can Leverage KOL Marketing

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