BYHEALTH Pioneers in Applying for New Function of Health Food
BY Rita BaoSep 04, 2023

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On August 28, 2023, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) published Detailed Rules on the Implementation of Technical Evaluation on New Functions and Health Food with New Functions (Trial)(hereafter referred to as Rules), with immediate effect. The Rules introduces the new management model of health food function claims in China, enabling the application for new functions of health food. It aims to encourage the industry to actively engage in function innovation and product R&D. More information about the Rules on ChemLinked

Just one day after the Rules came into effect, BYHEALTH, China's leading health food enterprise, submitted the application for a new function and the registration of the related health food product simultaneously, becoming the industry's pioneer under the new management mechanism. This new function relates to "helping maintain normal platelet aggregation function, which is beneficial for blood flow health". The proposal for this new function is based on BYHEALTH's research on the effectiveness of Fruitflow (a water-soluble tomato concentrate) in controlling abnormal platelet aggregation. Over these years, BYHEALTH has been researching the novel mechanism through which Fruitflow enhances blood flow health,1 with a particular focus on its effects on Chinese middle-aged and elderly individuals.2

Byhealth's research findings on Fruitflow.jpg

BYHEALTH's research findings in prestigious scientific journals

BYHEALTH's application signals that the industry is expected to make more endeavors in function innovation and product R&D in the context of the implementation of the Rules. For health food enterprises, developing new functions may become a new avenue in this highly competitive market. This would cater to the growing consumer demand for personalized and diversified health benefits, which foresees a promising market prospect. It's also worth noting that high technical barriers in developing new functions make it crucial for health food enterprises to possess both technological advantages and product development capabilities. The two attributes will stand out as prominent highlights in enterprises' market competitiveness. 


Rita Bao
ChemLinked Market Research Analyst
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