Rita Bao
ChemLinked Market Research Analyst
Rita Bao is a research analyst in ChemLinked market team. She mainly tracks the latest market changes and trends about consumer goods in China and conducts in-depth analysis of market intelligence and consumer demand. Areas of expertise: cosmetics, clean beauty, perfume, fashionable trends, luxury products, health food, dairy.
Financing Cosmetic and toiletries Market overview Company dynamics
Global Beauty Giants' New Moves in the Chinese Market
In September, global beauty giants made two investments in Chinese brands. These investments shed light on the current trends within the Chinese beauty market and illuminate the strategic directions pursued by these global industry leaders.
Sep 20, 2023
Cosmetic and toiletries Ingredient Market overview
From Lab to Market: The Rising Recombinant Collagen in the Cosmetic Industry
ChemLinked analyzes the rising recombinant collagen from perspectives of market size, applications, competitive landscape, development potential and regulatory compliance.
Sep 18, 2023
Food and beverage Beverage Plant-based Market overview
Price of Coconut Water Raw Material Has Skyrocketed
High demand for coconut water products has led to a tight supply of raw materials and a subsequent price spike especially of brown coconuts.
Sep 14, 2023
Sep 08, 2023
Health food Food and beverage Market overview Company dynamics
BYHEALTH Pioneers in Applying for New Function of Health Food
ByHealth, China's leading health food enterprise, submitted an application for the new health food function “helping maintain normal platelet aggregation function, which is beneficial for blood flow health” on August 29, becoming the industry's pioneer under the new management mechanism
Sep 04, 2023
Health food Food and beverage Sports nutrition Market overview
Latest Data Reveals Steady Upward Trend in Chinese Residents' Health Awareness
Chinese residents' health literacy level has experienced a steady increase from 8.80% in 2012 to 27.78% in 2022. The results underscore the ongoing trend of heightened health awareness among Chinese residents.
Aug 25, 2023
Food and beverage Company dynamics
Tyson Foods Plans to Sell Its China Poultry Business
Tyson Foods plans to sell its China poultry business. The company has hired investment bank Goldman Sachs to advise on the sale and sent preliminary information to potential buyers including a number of private equity firms.
Aug 22, 2023
Social media Cosmetic and toiletries Ingredient Market overview
Are Sunscreen Sprays Safe to Use? Digging into the Heated Safety Concerns About Sunscreen Sprays in the Chinese Market
Heated safety concerns about sunscreen sprays underscore the importance of the safe use of sunscreen sprays, especially as the demand for these products continues to grow in the Chinese market.
Aug 18, 2023