Trick or Treat! Chinese Brands Celebrating Halloween with Unique Offerings
BY Jekyl HeNov 02, 2023


The Halloween season offers brands an excellent opportunity to conduct appealing market campaigns to impress consumers. These campaigns primarily revolve around the launch of products that showcase Halloween's representative colours, such as black, purple, white and orange, as well as elements like ghosts and pumpkins to cultivate a festival atmosphere, thereby captivating consumers. Recognizing the potential of this occasion, Chinese domestic food, beverage, and cosmetics brands rushed to release limited edition products before Halloween.

Holiland & Hello Kitty: A Spooky Collaboration

On October 20, 2023, a Chinese bakery brand Holiland, co-branded with Hello Kitty, jointly launching two exclusive Halloween products, raspberry flavoured bread with chocolate cream and chocolate-caramel mousse cake with strawberry- and nut-flavoured stuffings, both with Hello Kitty’s shapes. To enhance Halloween’s ambience, the bread with Hello Kitty shape is painted with iconic skull and skeleton patterns by powdered sugar on the appearance, while the mousse cake is made into the ghost-shaped Hello Kitty with white glaze. Additionally, consumers purchasing these two products can be gifted with ghost-shape Hello Kitty cards, black coloured candles and Halloween limited edition paper totes, which can effectively improve consumers’ purchasing experience and provide them with good materials for taking photos. This, on the other hand, is beneficial for further increasing the popularity of the products.  


Mvuke Tokyo: Pumpkin Delights

Chinese dessert brand Mvuke Tokyo presents a limited collection of Halloween treats, pumpkin cake and brulee. The two products incorporate the symbolic item of Halloween, the pumpkin, as a key ingredient. Besides, the cake is shaped like Jack-o’-Lantern to match the festival’s theme. The packaging of the brulee also showcases Halloween’s representative orange colour. In addition, these exclusive products are available only from October 27 to November 1, 2023, adding an air of exclusivity to the Halloween celebration.


All Coconut: Black Sesame Coconut Indulgence

Chinese coconut water brand, All Coconut, also unveiled an exclusive drink, black sesame coconut milk, just in time for Halloween. This product mainly consists of squeezed coconut meat and coconut water. Added with ground sesame enriched with protein, minerals and sesamin helpful to restrain trichomadesis, the product presents Halloween’s symbolic black colour. Meanwhile, it is a plant-based milk drink friendly to consumers with lactose intolerance. Priced at CNY 25, the limited edition beverage can be served as both cold and hot drink. Currently, purchasing this new product includes a bonus drink from the brand and a small coal ball accessory, adding to the Halloween experience.


Wangzai: Halloween Exclusive Candy

How can Halloween be celebrated without candy? The prominent food brand Wangzai in Taiwan, China, introduced a Halloween limited edition QQ candy. Containing 15% vitamin, this exclusive product involves grape-, orange- and strawberry-flavoured gummies with skull, pumpkin and ghost shapes in one bag, respectively, giving consumers a sense of festival. Currently, it is sold out in the brand’s WeChat official store. 


Judydoll: Gothic Glamour

Chinese cosmetic brand Judydoll launched a Halloween exclusive series including eyeshadow, eye primer and liquid eyeliner, with prices ranging from CNY 39.8 to 119.8. The eyeshadow palette offers 15 colours centering on red and black tones, featuring four different textures; while the liquid eyeliner provides shimmering metallic colours of red, purple and brown. If used combinedly, these two product can help consumers create unique Gothic style make-up suitable for Halloween parties. Besides, the eye primer in the series, enriched with ganoderma lucidum spore oil, ensures the eye make-up is smooth and durable.  


Haggard: Halloween Gift Box

Similarly, Haggard, a Chinese niche brand specialising in Gothic style cosmetics, introduced a Halloween gift box. Consumers can choose one of the brand’s three eyeshadow products and two of its five lip glazes to make a personalized gift box. The Gothic colours of the eyeshadow and lip glaze are convenient for users to forge a series of Halloween characteristic make-up looks, such as devil make-up, vampire make-up, witch make-up, etc., therefore bringing them a deep Halloween ambience. 


Amortals: Playful Powder Puffs

Inspired by classic Halloween elements and colour, another Chinese cosmetic brand Amortal rolled out three exclusive powder puffs. The three limited edition products are shaped in drop, ghost and pumpkin forms, named mischievous ghost, lovely ghost and gluttonous ghost, respectively. Moreover, these new powder puffs are manufactured from the same 4mm thick rubycell material as the classic ones, which can well apply foundation to the face, therefore forging natural and flawless make-up. 


Halloween not only provides brands with the chance to carry out intriguing marketing campaigns, but also gives consumers opportunities to try new products. At present, in order to stand out in the increasingly competitive market, brands attempt to roll out products combining the festival relevant elements with currently popular trends. For instance, All Coconut’s black sesame coconut milk taps into the regimen trend by adding sesame helpful to restrain trichomadesis into the product. In this condition, consumers can take advantage of this season to indulge in new and delightful commodities, making their Halloween experience more interesting.

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