How to Open and Manage CBEC Store on Tmall & JD?
Paolo Shan
Friday , 28th Oct 2022
Digiant Global
Webinar Overview
How to Open and Manage CBEC Store on Tmall & JD?

China is the largest consume market and Ecommerce takes 25% percent of consumer market share, however entering Chinese market is a long process require long preparation and investment.  Particularly regulatory affair is a complicated topics for many categories of products such as cosmetics, health food, pet food, etc.

Cross-border Ecommerce can be fast route for new brands and products to enter Chinese market by selling products directly without long registration process or setting up a company in mainland China.

In this webinar, Paolo Shan, the Project Manager of Digiant will present and analyze new way of exporting goods to China – Cross-border Ecommerce and explain how it works.

Paolo Shan
Project Manager
Paolo has 5 years of marketing experience in fashion and consumer goods, 4 years of experience in project management and Ecommerce. Paolo has been successfully promoted many international brands such as: Balenciaga, Assicurazioni Generali, AFS, U-Mask, Edeka, Dr. Muller Pharma.

Part 1  Why CBEC and What is CBEC

            a. Benefit and definition of CBEC

            b. Main CBEC Models

            c. Logistics Mode of CBEC

Part 2  Ecommerce Landscape

            a. Digital Environment

            b. Main Ecommerce Platforms

            c. Comparison of main Ecommerce platform

            d. What is Tmall and JD.com

Part 3  How to Open CBEC Store

            a. Types of CBEC Store

            b. Steps of opening CBEC Store

            c. Preparations for opening CBEC Store

Part 4  How to manage and operate CBEC Store

            a. Product Management

            b. Promotion and campaign

            c. Customer service

            d. Store Marketing

* The final outline may be subject to subtle changes.

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