Why Foreign Investors Should Focus on Chinese Pregnancy Economy
Shine Hu
Monday , 26th Oct 2020
Webinar Overview
Why Foreign Investors Should Focus on Chinese Pregnancy Economy

China's maternal and infant market is growing steadily. In 2019, China's maternal and infant market reached 2.3 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11%. Women born after 1985 are the main force of the fertility group, accounting for 68%, and many of them have second-child plans. Women born after 1995 account for 32%, and this group is gradually expanding.

Compared with the previous generation, the post-85s and post-95s pregnancy groups have experienced rapid economic development, and therefore have strong consumption desires and consumption power. They are ambitious and hungry for imported consumer goods, often the expensive and premium ones for themselves and their families. They are the most lucrative consumer groups that brands cannot turn a blind eye to.

To help our audience better understand the Chinese pregnancy economy, especially Chinese pregnant women’s consumption features and preferences, ChemLinked Market Research Analyst Shine Hu will share her insights to help foreign brands find more opportunities in China.

Shine Hu
ChemLinked Research Analyst
Shine Hu graduated with two masters of English translating and interpreting from Macquarie University and Wuhan University. She previously worked at Xinhuanet, the official portal of Xinhua News Agency and reported China economy and business updates and now work for ChemLinked Market Team. She mainly focuses on market updates of imported consumer products in China and has published a quite number of market analysis articles on the website & involved in several customized research projects. Areas of expertise: dairy, infant formula, cosmetics, health food, maternal and infant nutrition.

Part 1 How Big is China’s Pregnancy Economic Market? 

Part 2 What are Chinese Pregnant Women Like?

Part 3 How Many Products Do They Usually Buy During Pregnancy?

Part 4 What Business Opportunities Can We See?

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