Jan 29, 2022
Monthly Digest: China Food Sector in January 2022
Keywords: New product, popular trend, Chinese New Year, GDP, birth rate, financing data
Jan 29, 2022
Marketing Social media Perfume Cosmetic and toiletries E-commerce/CBEC
Top 8 Cosmetic Market Trends for 2022
The Chinese cosmetic market welcomes a new year. What will happen in 2022? What categories are worthy of attention? What marketing trends beauty brands should follow? What categories will be the priorities of supervision? Let’s see ChemLinked’s answer to these questions.
Jan 19, 2022
Marketing Food and beverage
Top 8 Food Market Trends for 2022
After a special year of 2021, the Chinese food industry welcomes a new year. What will happen in 2022? Which category will be a hit? Which trends food companies should follow? This article is ChemLinked’s answer to these questions.
Jan 12, 2022
Jan 04, 2022
Financing Marketing Social media Cosmetic and toiletries Monthly Digest
Monthly Digest: China Cosmetics Industry Review | December 2021
Key words: tax fine, social media supervision, financing, online and offline retail, retail sales, new ingredient registration
Dec 31, 2021
Cosmetic and toiletries Market overview
The Uprising Haircare Market in China
As a daily consumer product, the haircare market in China has massive headroom for brands to grow. The overall Chinese haircare market gained a steady growth rate of 4.8% in 2020, tapping a market size of 48.7 billion RMB...
Dec 30, 2021
Take Notice! Whitening Cosmetic Ingredients in China
On November 30, 2021, a notice from China NMPA implied that products containing SymWhite 377 (a whitening cosmetic ingredient) must be registered as special cosmetics. Many products containing SymWhite 377, which used to be notified as general cosmetics rather than registered as special cosmetics, were removed from shelves later. This notice suggests that regulatory authorities' supervision of whitening ingredients and whitening products is becoming stricter and more standardized, so many industry practitioners also consider that there will be further inspection on other whitening ingredients.
Dec 20, 2021
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