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Beauty Giants' New Moves to Strengthen Presence in the Chinese Market
This month, Estée Lauder's early-stage venture arm invests in a Chinese fragrance brand Melt Season, LVMH-Backed private equity firm invests in a Chinese foundation brand as well as a children's skincare brand.
Dec 22, 2023
Food and beverage Ingredient Market overview
The Growing Spotlight on Peach Flavor
DSM-Firmenich announced "Peach+" as the 12th annual "Flavor of the Year" for 2024. As the popularity of peach flavor continues to rise, this article explores noteworthy peach-flavored categories in the Chinese food and beverage market.
Dec 20, 2023
Dec 15, 2023
Dec 08, 2023
Dec 08, 2023
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Brands Riding the Wave of MBTI-Inspired Marketing
MBTI is no longer just a simple test tool but a crucial tool for brands to identify and engage their audience effectively. Many brands are proactively seeking ways to harness this trend for more effective engagement with their target consumers.
Dec 06, 2023
Marketing Food and beverage Plant-based Ingredient Company dynamics
Rice Milk: An Emerging Plant-based Alternative Flourishing in the Chinese Market
A Chinese characteristic plant-based milk—rice milk emerges in China’s market. It is manufactured from rice, one of the most common staple foods in China, and without lactose, providing a new dairy alternative for consumers with lactose intolerance.
Dec 04, 2023
Health food Food and beverage Market overview Company dynamics
From Candy to Care: Alpenliebe Plus+ Multivitamin Gummies Win Over Consumers on their Debut
Within just one month of their launch, sales of Alpenliebe Plus+ Multivitamin Gummies surpassed 30,000 bags, propelling the product to the second spot on Tmall's candy and snacks best-selling list. This new product launch reflects Alpenliebe’ insights into the dynamics of the functional gummy market.
Dec 01, 2023